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1805 N California Street, Suite 405 Stockton, CA 95204     (209) 870-7100

A word on “minimally invasive” procedures



I see many advertisements for procedures or lasers that melt away your fat, tighten your skin and enhance your figure. Do these actually work?
As a general rule of thumb, minimally invasive procedures provide minimal results. There are numerous different treatments that claim to melt away fat and tighten skin, usually by applying some form of heat, laser or freezing to the tissues.

At best, some of these treatment can provide minimal improvement and often require multiple treatments over a period of time. In the end, the cost of these treatments can be more than the cost of a surgery that would actually be able to provide a predictable, long-lasting result.

The numerous available treatments, perceived lower costs, and the “less-invasive” nature of these procedures are often very appealing to many prospective patients. I would urge anyone who is considering a minimally-invasive procedure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to review all options available and what results can be expected.

Many of these minimally-invasive procedures are performed by a variety of providers, and not all of them have the same expertise or rigorous training. It may not be surgery, but whenever you are considering having something done to your body, there is still a lot at stake. Before you undergo any procedure, do your homework and make sure you’re putting yourself in the hands of only the most qualified and highly-trained expert available.

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