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1805 N California Street, Suite 405 Stockton, CA 95204     (209) 870-7100


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Kybella is non-surgical injectable used for reducing moderate to severe fat of the upper neck (“double-chin”). It is the first and only FDA approved injectable treatment to address excess fat under the jawline.

The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule that is injected into the fatty tissue under the chin and works to destroy fat cells. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. In clinical studies more than two-thirds of patients reported an improvement in the amount of fat in the area under the chin. Kybella is currently available for injection only by physicians and nurse injectors specifically trained in its use.


Like most injectables, Kybella does not require any recovery time or downtime; most patients can return to work and their normal activities immediately. The treatment itself takes approximately 30 minutes and in our experience a total of 2-3 treatments spaced at least one month apart are required to obtain the desired results. A topical numbing cream is used to ease any discomfort from the injection itself. Afterwards, patients will experience mild swelling in the area that resolves at around 1 week. Patients also develop some temporary numbness in the treated area that disappears within 2 months. About one month after the procedure, most patients have a definite reduction in fat and tightening of the skin in the treated area.