BOTOX® is an FDA-approved injectable used to treat wrinkles and lines of the face and neck. It is considered a short-term correction (3-6 months) for these areas, but very effective. As one of the most popular wrinkle treatments in plastic surgery today, The procedure works by blocking the nerve impulses to the injected muscles and reducing the muscle activity that may cause moderate to severe facial lines. BOTOX® injections provide noticeable results, without surgery or recovery time. It provides the facial skin with a smooth, refreshed appearance.


Tiny doses of BOTOX® are injected into the skin where wrinkles are noticeable. It is performed in the doctor’s office and the procedure can last from 15 to 30 minutes. The number of injections and dose amounts administered varies by patient depending on the severity of wrinkles. This procedure has minimal discomfort other than a normal prick that comes with a small needle. Patients will be able to go home right after treatment with no downtime from their normal routine.